Did you already decide what you will code in 2019? If not, pick one of these programming languages.

To learn a new (or even the first!) programming language – quite difficult, therefore it is necessary to make a smart choice. What of them is worthy of the made efforts? What will reward you for efforts, career success and a big salary? We took as a basis popularity rating of programming languages on StackOverflow, and choose 10 most perspective.



The fast, friendly, simple programming language to use - Python, undoubtedly, deserved the first place. It is powerful scripting language with the dizzy number of modules and libraries. It seems, he is able to do everything and if is not able yet, then you teach him very quickly.

On Python's medium, a huge number of startups grows. Such giants as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are written on Python. The best language for freshmen.



Stable and reliable Java in the second place of our rating. It is a language of business and corporate applications so if you dream to work in the large company, stake on Java.

Besides, by Java it is extraordinary demanded in the mobile development. Do you want to work with billions of users of Android? Then go and learn Java programming language. There is even a magnificent Android Studio platform.



Forever young C/C++ are the cornerstones of all low-level systems. Despite solid age, these languages are demanded and perspective if, of course, you learn to handle them.

To study programming on C or C++ it is difficult, but it is worth it. Extensive standard library, speed, stability and reputation of the hardcore programmer – here a weapon you are hit in your hands in exchange for your time and efforts.



Whatever you think, JavaScript is the #1 language on the Internet, and sooner or later you should face it. Perhaps, you should not delay?

Uncountable JavaScript frameworks and convenient libraries (Angular, React, jQuery, Vue) made it even more popularly, but language is capable of a lot of things in itself. Actually, JavaScript undertakes all actions on the party of the client, allows to manage the interface and significantly unloads the server.

On another side of barricades, language broke too – look at the server Node.js platform and its numerous modules.



Golang, as well as Go, one of the youngest programming languages, but it is demanded and very ambitious. Startups of Silicon Valley love Go. If you begin to learn language now, you have all chances to rise on a wave of popularity and success.

Excellent support of multithreading in Go allows working with the distributed systems conveniently.



R – one of the most demanded programming languages in the sphere of the analysis of data and machine learning. He has a big capacity and huge statistical potential, allows to work with large volumes of information conveniently.

R – a great choice for the analyst of data and data scientist.



Not only Android – iOS also owns a huge segment of the mobile market. And to develop under iOS, you need Swift.



Didn't expect to see here the PHP language? He didn't die at all as it seemed, and he cannot be ignored. More than half of the websites of the Internet are constructed on PHP, including the websites of the large companies, and new are constantly created. The existing resources need support, new ones – development. The field for activity is simply huge!



One more popular member of C-family who can bring you success in 2019. The C# language is the main language of the .NET platform, it is possible to write anything: from small desktop applets till huge web services. Now use C# is especially widespread in game development.



The Kotlin language – the youngest of the programming languages presented in ten (the release was in 2016), but its prospects look very invitingly. It is simple, laconic, can be compiled in JavaScript and surely restricts Java – the queen of Android world. Perhaps, Kotlin will be the main language of 2019.