Mitty - all in one travel app.

Mitty - all in one travel app.

Mobile product strategy, design, and development. 

Helping travellers enjoy their trips

With apps ranging from taxi to food delivery, and over a million different apps available around the world, we wanted to optimize the travel journey — all with one solution.

All in one

Mitty is all about making trips easy. Booking a flight and hotel, ordering food or groceries, navigating public transportation, buying сinema tickets and experiences - Mitty can do it all in one app.



Each service tab links to the best local app/service provider in the city.


Instant access

Progressive web apps enable travellers to access apps instantly, without the need to download additional apps.

"Mitty is the only app you need to navigate a new city."



Accumulated 25 000 user interactions in 3 months. Gained publicity around the world.

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