Living wine and cognac labels app 

Mitty - all in one travel app.

Mobile product strategy, design, and development. 

New media channel.

Augmented reality can unlock any product as a media channel. AR delivers product information, tutorials, and features. It can unlock promotions and user reviews to increase consideration and purchase. All of which can increase sharing and social activity.

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Singing label.

The goal was to use Augmented Reality as a vehicle for a drinks production company to show traditional elements of the country. 

5 different animated characters for the wine and cognac, portrayed on the labels begin to sign to the user. 

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See, hear, experience.

The Mobile App helps you to experience traditional melodies and songs. Start with pointing your phone scanning an enable AR cognac label to watch the characters to sing an ancient nomad song. 


Accumulated 500 000 unique views on social media.
Generated 80% sales increase after the media launch.

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