There are lots of reasons why redesign can be necessary— the websites become outdated, branding of the company changes, sales fall dawn or the quality of leads decreases. All these and other problems can be solved with the redesign help.

In this article, we will take a more close look at some tips and tricks.

Step 1: Analyzing
For sure you want to pass to action immediately and create the excellent new website which will be pleasant to clients and all in the company. So, it doesn’t really work.

An analysis should come first:

  • how people use website right now
  • which pages people visit mostly
  • how much time do people spend on a particular page
  • which pages people close at once


“Exploring statistics will help to understand what surely has to be on the new website”


Step 2: Branding
If you want your website not just “exist”, but also to look visually good became a recognizable element of branding, it is necessary to think in advance of guidelines development and to describe the corporate style.

Step 3: Testing
A website is not a picture in a museum, it is a business instrument. That’s why it is necessary to evaluate him from the point of view of a business. Only this way it is possible to understand, the project was successful or not.

Step 4: Content
Preparation of content becomes one of the priorities in the process of website redesign Therefore after studying of statistics and development of the purposes of a redesign, it is time not for programming, but for the writing of texts and preparation of images or video.

And even after a website is launched, work doesn’t really stop! It is always important to collect feedback and to analyze statistics to use for the new website.