Augmented Reality Production

Augmented Reality (AR) is a way of bringing digital content into the real world. Nambasoft's AR team creates stunning and immersive experiences in AR format. 

Types of AR we provide

Surface Activated

Surface activated AR allows the user to place content on a surface in front of them, usually a table or the floor. It is an immersive way to demonstrate your product with high engagement and focus. You can also add functionality to the content to interact with.

Target Activated

Target activated AR requires the user to point their phone at a ‘trigger’ point: logo, image, QR code or product, which then launches the AR experience. Any image can be used as a trigger point, which an excellent way for brands to extend the product's content with information that customers otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. 

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How we work:

1. Creative Consultation

All of our projects kick off with a call or meeting to discuss and brainstorm what you want to create using Augmented Reality, and targets of the campaign. Because AR is a very new technology, we will explain you what it can and can't do and will propose potential ways to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Product Scoping & Prototyping

Then we’ll get to work on a product roadmap – a detailed guidebook of what it is we’re creating, the exact functionality and features it will have, and the associated timelines & costs. Once this has been agreed, we start prototyping the product.

3. Production Review & Amendments

Every week throughout the prototyping process, we’ll send you builds of the product to review and feedback on. This ensures we modify the product before it is too late. Timelines for AR Projects vary depending on the size of the project.

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